About Us

Kinomica is a proteomic-data science and diagnostics company specialising in cell signalling. We offer KScanTM, a powerful suite of advanced proprietary bioinformatics and phosphoproteomics analytical methods that can provide direct activity measurements of multiple endogenous kinases and comprehensive cell signalling network coverage. 

We offer KScan™ for:

  1. Improved monitoring of drug molecular efficacy and response (to fully elucidate mode of action and mechanisms of resistance).
  2. Discovery of predictive biomarkers for patient selection and stratification in clinical trials.

Kinomica’s approach to measuring the phosphorylation signature of proteins, rather than using gene expression, provides a direct snapshot of protein and cell-signalling activity. We have preclinical proof-of-concept data to demonstrate that our game-changing biomarkers predict drug response more accurately than current state-of-the-art gene sequencing.